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Karlie Boe

Welcome to my humble web page! I don’t have any grand designs for this site just yet, but I wanted to play around with the github pages technology and see if it would work for my personal web page. My name is karlie boe, and I’m a web developer based out of the west coast. I love hiking, golfing, and reading - although I seem to enjoy buying books even more than I enjoy reading them. My “aspirational read” pile of books is growing at an alarming rate. I also enjoy flaneuring through coastal towns but so does everyone right? Sadly life is not all about leisurely exploring and reading books. Like everyone else I must work at some point. For some extra income I have been consulting with small manufacturing businesses based out of the west coast. Recently, I helped a small web site about forging and blacksmith anvils work on their conversion ratings. It was a real challenge as the owner insisted on a minimalist aesthetic. That being said, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I s’pose it’s kind of funny for a web developer like myself to have such a minimalistic site such as this, but I honestly am building it just to have one. I don’t have any larger goals atm. At any rate, I hope you have a good day ,and I hope you enjoyed reading about me on my little github page!